Eridu has had a rough childhood among his people in Shae Loralynder. The youngest son of the House of the Thorn, he’s grown up in the shadow of his siblings, but especially his eldest brother, Mardoc. He’s always known that he’d have to make his own way in the world, as the strength of the house cannot be diluted among many sons or it would soon pass away. Surely, though, he deserved some compensating talent to make up for his brother’s privilege? Instead, he’s struggled to learn the rituals that Mardoc mastered so easily, and although his magic is functional, it lacks the necessary elegance for true Fey magic.

Eridu had a lot of parties in the Feywild to help ignore his parents’ disappointment, making the severing of the Feyspires from the Feywild an even greater blow to his self esteem. Although he didn’t leave behind many friends, his favorite party spots were all gone, and so was his family’s tolerance of his leisure. All that was left is the desperate quest to maintain his House’s position in a hostile world, and the seemingly impossible goal of returning somehow to the Feywild.

When news came of Mardoc’s passing, Eridu’s feelings were mixed. On the one hand, he loved his brother, always so solid and capable. The strength of the House would suffer without his brother’s presence, making life even more difficult. On the other hand, it felt like sunlight finally penetrating to the depths of the forest floor, allowing Eridu to finally start to grow. He rashly swore to avenge his brother’s death, and recover his remains so that the family could have him resurrected – but clearly this would be the end of Mardoc’s roaming.

This quest opened Eridu’s eyes! Eberron is much stranger and more beautiful than he knew, but even more importantly, he found a niche where he could really belong. This group of adventurers relied on his talents and made up for his shortcomings. No one cared that his thunderwave lacked the subtle elegance of his brothers’ when it was better at mashing Kruthik hatchlings.

Of course, Eridu must fulfill his mission and return Mardoc to the House, and possibly even gain a future favor out of the deal – but he’s committed to this band of tomb raiders, and to Freddy, its fearless leader. He’ll easily get permission to ‘advance the House’s interests in Eberron,’ and he’s still loyal to the House’s welfare, just not their plans for a youngest son.

Having felt the sun on his leaves, he knows he can’t return to the gloom of the forest floor.


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