Heroes of Destiny

Odo Recovers and Regroups

The loss of his companions weighed heavy on Odo Ito. The changling had seen many die in during the Mourning. But these were his closest companions. Survivors of the mourning. To die like that was just not the way heroes died. At least they were free of the haunting nightmares. But no hero should die without glory. He decided he would spread a story of their brave and glorious lives rather than the unjust death. He started by planting the stories in all the right ears throughout the underworld knowing it would spread like wildfire. Then he left the city to share the bad news to the family of Mardoc. While Thia had been cast aside by her house and family, Mardoc had rich ties to his. So he travelled to the Eldeen reaches in the guise of Freddy, a new face, in search of Shae Loralynder, a magical Feyspire city to deliver the message. He shared the bad news with the family and met Aeridew, Mardoc’s brother. “I will travel with you to Sharn, there I will learn the truth of my brothers death and eradicate the threat so nobody else has to lose a brother like this.

Shae Loralynder

When The news of the defeated adventurers spread. Rumors began to circulate about a haunted tomb deep in the cogs of Sharn that would claim any who entered. Additionally, the threat of Kruthiks was still abundant. Life in the cogs was no picnic and the public needed a hero. Natan, a young Deva and devout worshiper of the Silver Flame over heard a boisterous bard claiming to know inside information about the haunted tomb. He jumped at the opportunity to get closer to the knowledge he would need to seek out and destroy the abominations. Natal

Things were falling into place well for “Freddy,” he had gained two new allies who agreed to return to the depths and eradicate the zombies, but before he set foot in such a dangerous place again he would call on a friend who had saved his life on countless occasions throughout the war. This man of metal was one of the few people left in the world who truly knew him. Davian had been there when the world turned upside down. He too was at the battle of Searun road and witnessed both armies fall to the mist. He too was haunted by those memories and disturbed by the notion that he survived. When Odo gave him the news about Thia and Mardoc, Davian was angry that he had not been there to die with the few comrades he had left in the world. He was a warforged with no war to fight. He was lost, but Odo gave him hope of that he might have a place in this world of peace after-all. There was still so much danger in the world and he had a friend in Odo to protect as he had so many years ago. He promised to himself that he would not let Odo share the same fate as Thia and Mardoc…

At last Odo, in the guise of Freddy, was ready to lead his new group into the dangerous depths once more…



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