Heroes of Destiny

From the heights of heroes into the depths of Sharn

The party reformed on the 4th anniversary of the mourning. After being invited by Lord Major Bren ir’Gadden to a rooftop ceremony, the party spoke of the tough years they had. All seemed down on their luck.

Odo was wearing the guise of Ziggy, his Sharn personality. While Mardoc and Thia came as they were. Lost for the last 4 years, and looking for a place to put their talents to work in the world, the party turned to ir’Gadden for guidance.

“You all saved my life on that day.. For that, I owe you much. There is an old war buddy of mine, Molric, who runs the Taim Foundry in the lower district. He has been losing workers due to an infestation of Kruthriks. He asked me if I still knew anyone from the good ol’ days who are capable and willing to get dirty. What do you think?”

So the group headed to the under district in search of this Molric character.

The party descended through the towering city. As they grew closer to the industrial district, they grew more wary. It had been years since the war, and perhaps their skills were a bit rusty. “Better to be alert in these unsavory parts,” claimed Ziggy. Slowing their pace, they cautiously continued through a neighborhood inhabited mostly by tough goblins and thugs. They continued without incident until they approached a large foundry. Fires burned hot and bright, silohuetes of warforged and hobgoblin workers dotted the firey backdrop. The smell of sweat, sulfer, and vinigar overwhelmed the senses.

Taim Foundry

Before they could continue, they were abruptly halted by a large bugbear and two guards. The bard used his people skills to get an audience with Molric. He told them of an infestation of Kruthiks that have been attacking workers at his foundry. He could no longer afford to lose people, morale was at an all-time low, and production was rapidly decreasing. Molric was accompanied by a hobgoblin priest who introduced himself as Olaakki. Olaakki was the spiritual leader of many of the hobgoblin foundry workers. He too is interested in eliminating the Kruthrik threat and agrees to pay the extra sum requested by Ziggy and the gang.

Later, they were led by a large bugbear guard to the entrance of an ancient tomb where it was believed the Kruthriks layered. Ziggy learned that the guards name was Stump and he bribed stump to accompany the crew as the ventured into the tomb, (though he probably already had a plan in mind to avoid actual payment). So they ventured forth into the tomb.

The first Kruthrik attack came without warning. From all directions they swarmed the party. Stump bashed away with his club and Thia dazzled with bolts of arcane electricity. Mardock applied his wizardry to control the hoard while ziggy healed up the party. When it was all over, the tomb entrance reeked of vinegar. A search of the room turned up a journal written in goblin. It included a cryptic symbol that the party noted and they shifted through the rubble and descended deeper into the tomb.

After a fiery encounter with and imp, angry fire elementals, and some flying Kruthriks, the party was weary. They stared at a series of runes carved into depressions in the center of the room. They studied what appeared to be a puzzle as the licked their wounds. Using some of the journal they found they were able to decipher the puzzle and a statue moved aside to reveal a secret passage.

Fiery Encounter

The passage opened up into the tomb of Ashtura where an angry ghost of the ancient dahkaani warlord Ashtura met them with force. The battle raged, first Thia fell to the scimitar wielding hobgoblin zombies. Hobgoblin weights armed with chains ganged up on stump until he fell as well. Though Ashtura had apparently been defeated, the press of zombies was too great and Mardoc was overrun. With all of his companions dead, Ziggy fled the tomb.



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